Self-insured Employers

Cost Trend
Pharmacy benefits costs continue to rise dramatically, and on average currently represent over 20% of employers’ total healthcare costs. Employers need to partner with a pharmacy benefit management organization that will help them slow or lower drug cost trend. Whether your organization is a local grocery store with a staff of 25, or a national company with 20,000 employees throughout the United States, SilverbackRx offers customized solutions to meet your needs, and help you contain your drug costs.  

Informational Approach
Offering prescription drug coverage has a positive impact on medical claims, helps retain employees and keep them productive, and helps businesses stay competitive. We help employers and their members recognize the value of this benefit by:

  • Providing a carefully thought-out formulary of drugs, placing clinically and cost effective drug products on lower tiers
  • Creating customized communications to inform your members about their options for cost savings
  • Providing retail pharmacies with plan specific messaging on lower cost options
  • Working consultatively with you to evaluate and customize your pharmacy benefit  


Doctor at work

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